HDPVC - LDPVC Spiral Boru Üretim Hattı

In HDPVC / LDPVC Spiral Hose Production Line, which we are producing, you can produce in high capacities from 3/8' to 8'. There are HDPVC and LDPVC extruders, spiral apparatus, 27 meters cooling pool and PLC systems integrated with each other.

PVC Spiral Hose Production Line
Product Name Product Code Raw Metarials Screw Diameter Screw LengthEngine PowerCooling System Length
Ø 40 ExtruderERK 40HDPVCØ 4027 L/D11 kWFan
Ø 50 ExtruderERK 50HDPVCØ 5026 L/D15 kWFan
Ø 60 ExtruderERK 60HDPVCØ 6025 L/D18.5 kWFan
Ø 50 ExtruderEROL 50LDPVCØ 5025 L/D11 kWFan
Ø 60 ExtruderEROL 60LDPVCØ 6026 L/D15 kWFan
Ø 70 ExtruderEROL 70LDPVCØ 7025 L/D18.5 kWFan
Soğutma Havuzu EROL 0127 m.
Name of Pvc Spiral Hoses
Units Of MeasureAir Condition Hose PVC Spiral Suction, Emitter, Sink, Dust Air HosesPVC Spiral Suction, Emitter, Sink, Dust Air Hoses
Inch5/8''3/4''1'' 1.1/4''1.1/7''1.1/2''2''2.1/2''3''4''5''6''8''