Corrugated Hose Production Line

Corrugated pipe production line is a production line designed for corrugated pipe production. The main purpose of this line is to combine the materials used in pipe manufacturing and to produce pipes with the desired dimensions and properties.

Corrugated hose lines The production line is often used for high volume pipe manufacturing. In this line, materials such as polyethylene or PVC are used as raw materials. These materials are shaped using a special mold system and then piped.

What Steps Does the Corrugated Pipeline Consist of?

The corrugated pipe production line consists of several different steps. The first step is the preparation of raw materials. A homogeneous mixture is obtained by mixing the raw material materials in predetermined proportions. This mixture is then made ready for extrusion.

The extrusion process is one of the most important steps of the corrugated pipe production line. In this step, the prepared mixture is shaped with the help of molds and formed into a tube. Molds enable the production of pipes with desired dimensions and properties.

The pipes produced are then subjected to cooling and cutting. The cooling process ensures that the pipes reach the desired hardness. The cutting process ensures that the pipes are cut to the desired dimensions and made ready for use.

The corrugated pipe production line is completed with the packaging and storage of the pipes in the last step. The pipes produced are packaged, stored, and sent to customers to be used whenever required.

In conclusion, corrugated pipe production lineis a production line specially designed for the manufacture of pipes using modern technology. The special materials, mold systems and processes used in this line ensure the production of high quality pipes. This facilitates the production of pipes used in many different sectors such as the construction industry.

LDPE - HDPE Corrugated Hose Production Line

In our HDPE and LDPE corrugated pipe production line, chiller and air cooling systems are integrated. In this way, the adhesion of raw materials to the corrugated molds is prevented and it is aimed for our customer to produce a higher quality. In addition, there are configurations in production lines according to capacities.

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Technical Data Of Corrugated Hose Production Line

Product NameProduct Code Raw MetarialsScrew DiameterScrew Length Engine Power Mold Set Cooling System
Ø 30 ExtruderERC 30LDPE / HDPEØ 3026 L/D3.5 kWFan
Ø 50 ExtruderERC 50LDPE / HDPEØ 5026 L/D11 kWFan
Ø 60 ExtruderERC 60LDPE / HDPEØ 6026 L/D15 kWFan
Ø 70 ExtruderERC 70LDPE / HDPEØ 7026 L/D22 kwFan
Corrugated ERC 013 kW46 x 52 Mold Chiller
Corrugated ERC 02 5.5 Kw56 x 63 Mold Chiller
Corrugated ERC 03 7.5 Kw85 x 85 Mold Chiller
Coiler ERC 041.5 kW