When we enter the installation process, the process of handing over the job has started. First of all, we combine the parts we produce in our park one by one and turn them into the desired machine. After this point, the most exciting part of the work for us begins; testing process. We operate our machines, which we take into the test process, according to the standards requested by the buyer, and we make small-scale production. We see the problems that may occur at this stage, and we make the process more enjoyable for the buyers who will make the actual production by intervening immediately. 

After this process, we send our machines to the area where our customers will produce. At this point, we inform our customers about the things they may need. After the resulting machines arrive at their new homes, we are waiting there for the first assembly and production. During the first production, we provide training of the machine to our customers at varying times depending on the characteristics of the machine. 

After our training process is over, we completely deliver the machine to our customers and start new production adventures.